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"After three weeks of use for my four year old lab that has hip dysplasia and bad knees with one having had surgery all ready, she is now off of her narcotic pain medication completely. Her dandruff has cleared up as her eye discharge the vet said was allergies. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thank you from our sweet Peabody."

Mary T.

"Palatable even for my pickiest horses. I have seen great improvement in movement, and calming of respiratory issues."

Sherry S.

"This oil is absolutely amazing for our dogs! Decreased shedding up to 75%? Their coats are shiny & it helps their joints!"

Carey P.

United States
"I have a 13 year old Siberian Husky who is healthy & happy, but joints were getting sore when she first stood up. Was giving her Glucosamine & Chondroitin pills with little results. 2 squirts of Camelina Oil in her food bowl once a day & she's as limber as a puppy again!!! Her poo is softer, but not loose. Best product out there for stiff joints in a dog!!!"

Sarah H.

United States
"A tasty supplement that keeps my dog healthy. The large container is very good value."


"I add this product to my dogs’ home cooked diet as a source of omega fatty acids. Since starting to use it their coat texture has improved, and my vet tells me my one dog’s mild heart murmur seems to have improved."

Beth L.

United States
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"I'm a skeptic when it comes to using supplements but I decided to give Canpressco Camelina Oil a try. My mare that has been lame for 6 months came ripping across the field on all fours, good as new after just a few weeks on the product. I am now a Canpressco believer; this stuff works in managing inflammation and joint pain!"

Jared Martin

Reserve Grand Champion at Calgary Stampede 2016
"All of my horses: broodmares, babies, and show horses are on Canpressco Camelina Oil. It gives them the show ready "bloom" that I strive for. It is terrific to have such an exceptional product available that is grown and produced locally and that is so affordable. My horses have never looked better!"

Travis Rodgers

Reserve Champion in the Non Pro Derby at the Canadian Supreme
"It can be hard on a horse’s body and muscles when you are constantly rodeoing and traveling. The Canpressco camelina oil has really helped my horse ‘Dreamer’ with her knees. They have gone from showing signs of arthritis to a huge decrease in inflammation, since using Canpressco!"

Nicole Pana

Professional Barrel Racer & Canpressco Brand Ambassador
"We have used Canpressco for three years to help the horses we rescue or rehabilitate with a great deal of success. We have seen drastic improvements in condition and body weight, in addition to helping with horses that have chronic inflammatory issues or allergies with living a much more normal life. Canpressco is a staple in our feed program and has helped our older/arthritic horses feel much more comfortable, and also helped maintain our riding/show horses even in hard work --- not to mention, the shine on their coats and their healthy skin is an added bonus!. We are grateful to Canpressco for the support of our rehabilitation program and look forward to continuing to showcase how Canpressco oil has benefitted every horse that comes through our farm."

Mallory Haigh

Brand Ambassador
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