Become A Brand Representative


  • Must have affiliation to the equine industry
  • Maintain the outlined requirements for Canpressco Dealers/Brand Representative
  • Must apply online
  • Review on annual basis


  • Receive wholesale cost on product
  • Receive referral commission from online sales
  • Receive discount on clothing
  • Promotional spend provided to act as a Brand Representative. This rebate is to cover the time and resources for activities such as social media promotion/posting, sponsored rider awareness/communication when opportunities arise, promotion and sponsorship at shows
  • Featured on Canpressco social media and website
  • Access to an amazing team of educated equine professionals
  • Promotional materials provided including brochures
  • Opportunity to represent Canpressco at trade shows


  • Maintain adequate inventory of Canpressco’s products; a minimum purchase quantity is required
  • Purchase product through Canpressco’s designated distributor and adhere to their purchasing policies
  • Follow Canpressco brand guidelines for all online and print communication

Apply to be a Brand Representative

**Our team will review all applications. We have limited availability and only those applicants contacted by our team will be selected to be Brand Representatives.**