Heule Reining Horses And The Benefits of Canpressco

The busy hum of the showgrounds is like no other. You and your horse enter the show ring as the hum quites. Everyone stares at the immaculate shine of your horse as the sun dances off of the soft hair as you begin your flawless pattern.

Here at Heule Reining Horses, this is how we feel every time we enter the show ring. We love feeding Canpressco and couldn’t imagine using anything else. Canpressco is very easy to add into our training, showing and sales horses’ diets. We add one pump into our grain but can easily be used in different feed rations!

Our favorite benefit of feeding Canpressco is the luxurious hair coats it gives our horses. The added omega-3 is a big game changer when it comes to coat condition and health. Canpressco does our show prep for us! It is easy to get a horse show ready when they are healthy from the inside out. We have noticed decreased joint pain and diminished ulcers, and the benefits of anti-inflammatory effects. Canpressco is great for the show ring but also really helps our older horses keep up!

Hubert Heule, head trainer of Heule Reining Horses has experienced the show ring all over the world. With decades of experience in training, coaching, sales, and consulting, Hubert knows a healthy, happy horse when he sees one. Here at Heule Reining Horses, Hubert has been using Canpressco for 1 year and it has been a game changer for our performance horses. He says,”this product keeps our horses looking and feeling their best.” Hubert currently operates a successful reining barn in British Columbia, Canada but has also owned/operated high end facilities in France, Argentina and the USA. According to Hubert, “once we saw the fast and vibrant results I don’t plan on using any other product to keep my horses shiny.”

Whether or not you want a show horse who stands out of the crowd or to keep an older horse on it’s feet, Canpressco is the product for you. Our horses need to be at the top of their game all of the time and we know that the best feed is how to keep them there. That’s why we recommend Canpressco Camelina Oil to all of our clients and to anyone who wants a healthy horse. Canpressco always shines through!